Planning the Perfect Adventure Weekend

With the weather in prime condition and the mountain snow leaving, we’ve been burning up the trail. You think we’d be experts at getting ready for our weekend explorations but we actually suck. We continue to forget food, clothing, equipment, sunscreen, you name it. Megan had a freak out moment on our previous hike when we couldn’t find the chocolate chip cookies she made the night before (they were actually hidden in my H2O sleeve, oops). It doesn’t help that our brains are fogged up from waking at 4 AM in the morning to beat the risk of lightning on our hike. So to help you avoid forgetting that savory piece of chocolate or your lucky pair of hiking undies, I’ll lay out how to prepare during the work week.

Monday – Thursday needs to be spent researching and planning. Use or whatever weather/hiking site you like. If you work at a computer, I’d recommend just leaving that site up cause you’re going to hit it at least 10 times a day checking the weather forecast, drooling at recent trip reports, and scouting out which mountain is most optimal for the weekend. You could start laying your gear out now but that is risky. No wife likes tripping over your crap and she will be sure to let you know that. Forgetting important gear is better than getting nagged all week. Better wait until Friday night to pack.

Friday after work, go to the grocery store and load up on your favorite munchies. Bars, smoothie materials, fruit, jerky, whatever floats your boat. My new favorite thing is to have a cold coconut water waiting in the car – just don’t forget to bring a cooler otherwise it’s pretty gross. Sorry but you’ll have to skip the gym and booze tonight. No hike is fun after a day of 5 x 5 back squats and you’ll probably be drunk driving considering how early you have to wake up. This is also the time to prep your gear. Lay it all out on the floor so you can quickly tell what is missing. I had to create a checklist to ensure I don’t forget stuff. I’ve already overlooked my hiking poles, buff, and SD card for the past few hikes.

Now it’s time to get to bed. Watch something funny or brainless to relax yourself for sleep. Avoid intense shows like True Detective or GoT.

On Saturday, when the alarm goes off, throw on your hiking clothes, whip together your breakfast and coffee, and hit the road. The hours of driving to the trailhead are pretty brutal that early in the morning. Ideally you will have a good Pandora station or an audio book to listen to. Once you’ve finished your outdoor excursion, put all your gear up and throw those stinky clothes in the washer. That way, you’ll be setup for perfection on your next trip. After a shower, take a quick 1 -2 hour nap if time allows. Then you can hit the breweries and celebrate your accomplishment.

Sunday is the day of rest from adventure. This can be your “GTL day.” Feel free to hit a WOD, bike or finish up that laundry. We’ve been enjoying an end to the weekend with Jazz at City Park here in Denver.

Adventure Travel in Central America

The new upcoming destination for adventure travel in Central America is called “Atlantida” (Spanish for Atlantis!). With three main hubs to choose from, Atlantida offers a variety of adventure travel options that will fit into the most experienced travelers demands. The three main tourism hubs in Atlantida are the cities of Tela, La Ceiba and the Cangrejal River Valley. Now you are probably asking yourself, where on earth is this so called Atlantida? Well you already know it is in Central America, but where exactly? Atlantida is located right in the heart of Central America: in the beautiful country of Honduras. It is also the gateway to the World famous Bay Islands of Honduras, three lovely, unspoiled Caribbean Islands that are close to the mainland, yet retain a unique heritage.

So what kind of adventure is available in this new destination? With a total of 7 national parks or protected areas, Atlantida offers unique opportunities to hike in the different national parks. There are a network of trails available throughout the area, and you can choose the difficulty of them, that can go from easy to very demanding. With a total of over 400 bird species accounted for in Honduras, you can find a very large variety within these protected areas. One of the most important birding hot spots in Honduras can be found precisely in Atlantida.

The City of Tela is famous throughout the region for its spectacular white sand beaches. All inclusive resorts as well as smaller boutique hotels and hostels. La Ceiba is famous for its great night life, as well as for the adventure activities within the Cangrejal River Area.

The Cangrejal River offers a unique setting, where you can enjoy white water rafting, zip line canopy tours, rappelling down waterfalls and horseback riding tours into the tropical rain forests.

A 400 foot long “Indiana Jones” swing bridge offers access to a trail that will take you to the lovely “El Bejuco Waterfall” a spectacular waterfall with a drop of over 300 feet!
Best of all, there are several different lodges and hostels within the Cangrejal River Valley where you can choose to stay in. Some of these properties are actually award winning lodges, offering outstanding accommodations and a truly unique setting.The Cangrejal River is truly the heart of this unique destination for adventure travel in Central America!

Nearby are the Cayos Cochinos Marine Monument, a unique set of two small islands and 13 tiny cays that are the epitome of the Caribbean paradise. Natural hot springs are also available close by!

If you are looking for the perfect adventure travel in Central America, look no more, come and discover Atlantida and have the adventure of your lifetime! Hurry, come and experience this unique destination before it becomes a hot destination overrun by tourists!

The Lovely English Village of Bibury

The Cotswolds region is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque areas in England. Aside from the surrounding lush countryside, river valley, gorgeous gardens and historic properties, the region captivates you with its beautiful old limestone villages.

Spring is the probably the best time to be at this rolling countryside that exudes the classic look of England. During this period, you can pursue more outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, horseback riding, golfing, camping and visiting outdoor markets and gardens. The Cotswold region is composed of six counties, which are Worcestershire, Bath, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, North East Somerset and Warwickshire. Within each counties are absolutely charming villages waiting to be explored and appreciated for their outstanding architecture and uniqueness.

Among these impressive villages, Bibury manages to still stand out. In fact, the village is often considered the most beautiful village in England. It is located within the Gloucestershire County, about 9 miles from the town of Burford. Set in an idyllic location and surrounded by dramatic meadows, the village mesmerizes visitors with its ancient stone cottages marked by steep pitched roofs.

The best set of these cottages are found in Arlington Row. This lane is lined with 17th century cottages that are an absolute treat to the eyes due to their distinct layout and sepia color. The River Col, which flows into the village, makes the perfect scenic backdrop for these cottages. So the most important thing you should do before visiting Arlington Row is to get your camera fully charged and ready; as you won’t be able to resist trying to capture its beauty.

The Arlington Row homes were originally built by weavers who worked in the Arlington Mill. And even though the Mill ceased operation, it was transformed into a museum as an excellent reminder of the rich and colorful lives of weavers, centuries ago. After having a relaxing stroll along this lane of homes, head out to the other nearby attractions like the Church of St. Mary and the Bibury Trout Farm.

The Church of St. Mary is a Saxon Church and home to a famous stained glass window designed by Karl Parsons in 1927. Some of the original Saxon artefacts, which once belonged to the church were relocated to the British Museum for preservation. You can still see the replicas of these artefacts in the chutch today. You can find the Church of St. Mary near the main square which marks as the center of the village.

The Bibury Trout Farm is a must-visit in the village especially for families. River Coln is known for its abundance of high quality trout, and thus, this lovely farm was built. While here, the prime activity is to catch your own trout. So if you have not gone trout fishing before, you will learn some valuable tricks and techniques here. But you don’t just stop at fishing, you can also get to eat fresh trout meals at the farm’s restaurant.

It is possible to make Bibury a day trip destination but spending a night or two in the village is a wonderful experience and gives you the luxury of marveling at the village at different times. If you decide to stay longer, Bibury has lovely lodging facilities, including hotels, self-catering holiday cottages and bed and breakfast, to choose from.